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Fuse Puller Adapter 30AM-15/20AF Electric Box 24 x 10 x 15in
Fuse Puller
Our Price: $1.95
Adapter 30AM-15/20AF
Our Price: $44.95
Fuse Puller (SeaDog)
- Injection Molded Nylon

Straight Adapter (Marinco)
- Dockside Male 30A/125V locking to boat side female 15 or 20A/125V straight blade
- Ergonomic EEL-style adapters allow you to connect from one dockside receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one boatside inlet (or equipment) of dissimilar power configuration.
- Features a power-on LED to confirm connection and integral fittings with no wire between the end fittings.
- High-quality, but do not have sealing boots and are not recommended for use in wet applications.
Rough Water Electronic Box (C&M)
- Dimension: 10"H x 24"W x 15"D
- Has large rounded corners
- 1/2" black acrylic door and frame
- Average fiberglass thickness is 3/8"
- Gem stainless steel locking slam latch
- Gas shocks hold door securely open to access electronics
- Perfect for any size center console boat with a T-Top