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Flag USCGA Distress 3 x 3 Flag USCGA Distress 3 x 3

925 Orange Distress Flag (Orion)
- 3 feet square with the International Distress Signal prominently shown.
- Meets USCG requirement 46CFR 160.072

Our Price: $8.59
12 Gauge High Power Long Shell-4 12 Gauge High Power Long Shell-4

12 Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals (Orion)
- 4 aerial signals provided in waterproof resealable bag.
- USCG approved as day or night signal.
- Altitute up to 500 ft.
- Brightness up to 16,000 candela.
- Burn time up to 7 seconds each.
- 4 pack.

Our Price: $39.99
3-Pack Handheld Red Flares 3-Pack Handheld Red Flares

Locator Marine Signal Pack (Orion)
- Hand held red flare signal pack
- 3 (3) packs per case
-Our hand held signals are easy to use, waterproof and safe, with a built-in protective handle
- They store easily in our re-sealable plastic bag and can be used as replacements in our alert/locate kits
-Hand held red signals burn up to 3 minutes
- Brightness up to 700 candela

Our Price: $39.99
Locate Plus Flare Kit Locate Plus Flare Kit

Locate Plus Flare Kit (Orion)
- Attract attention day or night and serve as a beacon for rescuers to identify your position.
- To keep rescuers on course, it is recommended you carry a minimum of 6 Handheld Signals and 6 Aerial Signals.
- Kit Includes:
- 4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
- SOLAS Approved Safety Whistle with Lanyard (116 db at 1 meter)
- Distress Flag (USCG approved)
- Waterproof, Floatable Storage Case
- U.S. Coast Guard Approved for day and night use

Our Price: $79.89
12-GA Alerter Flares w/ Launcher 12-GA Alerter Flares w/ Launcher

Alerter Flares w/Launcher (Orion)
- The perfect signal to build your own safety kit, when combined with handheld red signals and orange smoke.
- Includes:
12 Gauge Safety Launcher
Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty and bandolier that can hold up to 6 high performance signals.
- (4) 12 Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals
- Altitude: up to 500’
- Average candlepower: up to 16,000 candela
- Average burn time: up to 7 seconds
- Exceeds USCG minimum requirements.
- USCG approved as a day or nighttime signal.

Our Price: $85.99
12 AL Deluxe Kits 12 AL Deluxe Kits

Deluxe Flare Kit (Orion)
- The perfect kit for any inland or coastal boater because it contains: aerial, handheld and smoke signaling devices.
- Kit Includes:
- 12-Gauge safety launcher w/ bandolier
4 12-Gauge high performance red aerial signals
4 Handheld red signal flares
2 Hand-held orange smake flares
Waterproof, floating storage case.
- USCG approved day or night signal.

Our Price: $189.99